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Marxism and Art: Essays Classic and Contemporary - Maynard Solomon
Marxism and Art is a book of basic readings in Marxist criticism and aesthetics. Maynard Solomon, through his selections and critical introductions, shows connections between the arts and society, between imagination nd history, and between art and revolution. He selects from thirty-six authors to reveal the range of opinion from dogma to heresy, beginning with excerpts from the works of Marx and Engels that are pertinent to an understanding of Marxist
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Unspeakable: Facing Up to Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror - Os Guinness
We are still surprised by evil. From Auschwitz to the events of September 11, we have been shocked into recognizing the startling capacity for evil within the human heart. We now know 9/11 revealed that our country was unprepared in terms of national security, but it also showed we were intellectually and morally unprepared to deal with such a barbaric act. Our language to describe evil and our ethical will to resist it have grown uncertain and confused.
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The Book of Shares - Edmond Jab?s, Edmund Jabes, Edmond Jab?s, Rosmarie Waldrop
As we approach sharing let us ask: "What belongs to me?" Balance sheet of a life ratified by death. Whatever exists has no existence unless shared. Possessions under seal are lost possessions. At first sight, giving, offering yourself in order to receive an equivalent gift in return, would seem to be ideal sharing. But can All be divided? Can a feeling, a book, a life be shared entirely? On the other hand, if we cannot share all, what remains and will
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The Portable Sixties Reader - Ann Charters, Edward Abbey, Sherman Alexie, James Baldwin, Amiri Baraka, Donald Barthelme, Wendell Berry, John Berryman, Douglas Blazek, Robert Bly, Kay Boyle, Richard Brautigan, Lenny Bruce, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burr
A literary time capsule from the decade that changed the world From civil rights to free love, JFK to LSD, Woodstock to the Moonwalk, the Sixties was a time of change, political unrest, and radical experiments in the arts, sexuality, and personal identity. In this anthology of essays, poetry, and fiction by some of America's most gifted writers, renowned sixties authority Ann Charters sketches the unfolding of this most turbulent decade. Organized by
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Essays on Faith and Morals - William James
Contains: Is Life Worth Living? The Will to Believe The Sentiment of Rationality Reflex Action & Theism The Dilemma of Determinism The Moral Philosopher & the Moral Life The Energies of Man The Gospel of Relaxation On a Certain Blindness in Human Beings What Makes a Life Significant? The Moral Equivalent of War Prefaces
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Naturalism (Routledge Studies in Twentieth Century Philosophy) - William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland
This work presents an analysis and critique of the major varieties of contemporary philosophical naturalism. It advocates the thesis that contemporary naturalism should be abandoned in light of the serious difficulties raised against it. The contributors draw on a wide range of topics including: epistemology; philosophy of science; value theory to basic analytic ontology; philosophy of mind and agency; and natural theology. For some time now,